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Pathologic Classic HD

Pathologic Classic HD is the Definitive Edition of the original Cult Classic Psychological First-Person Survival game, and it was pretty big project for us. Two of our Software Engineers worked on it for three months, using Custom engine, C++ and Direct3D9. Result: enchanced visuals (added DOF, SSAO, bloom, motion blur, FXAA); integrated Steamworks features (achievements, steam cloud, trading cards); integrated GOG Galaxy features (achievements, overlay); added modern resolutions support including widescreen ones and gamepad support.

This game represents a unique and unforgettable experience as it transports players in a weird town which crouches, ominous, in the far reaches of an ancient steppe. It was once a small drover settlement, huddled around a monstrous abattoir – but something about the butchery it was near has changed it. It has developed an odd social structure over the course of several generations. It could have quietly continued along its weird way, but a sudden outbreak of an unknown and inevitably lethal disease has decimated the citizens. Prayers did not help. Science did not help.

So, finally, they have turned to outsiders for help: three of them enter the town in hope of finding a cure or – failing that – an explanation. The first outsider was a ruthless investigator, assigned by local authorities. The second is a far-sighted Ripper who has used his extraordinary abilities to gain a reputation as an ingenious surgeon, who has come to the town in search of his father’s terrible heritage. The third – and last – outsider is an eccentric girl rumored to have mystic healing abilities; she may become the town’s salvation were it not for the constant fear that plagues her, the memory of the horrors of her recent past.

Pathologic Classic HD
  • Client:

    Good Shepherd Entertainment
  • Developer:

    Ice-pick Lodge
  • Publisher:

    Good Shepherd Entertainment
  • Platforms:

    GOG Galaxy, Steam, Windows