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The Spectrum Retreat

The Spectrum Retreat is an addicting first-person puzzle game set in the near future. You wake up in Penrose hotel, a cozy but strange place that hides you from the outside world. You are treated like a special guest, but you’ve no idea why…

The Spectrum Retreat was developed by Dan Smith from the age of 15, over a five-year period. The main mechanic of the game focuses around the colours of blocks, swapping them around to bypass, or stand upon, different coloured gates. Eventually, the player is given the opportunity to use these colours to teleport around the levels using specifically placed panels. As you explore the stunning Art Deco Penrose hotel, you will uncover the secrets and mysteries surrounding your stay…

General Arcade worked on the Epic Games Store version of the game using Ghost Porting technology developed by our team. These unique techniques and tools can be used to port PC games to other PC stores or prepare DRM-free release in a relatively short time without even getting an access to the source code, just by having binaries.

Read more about Ghost Porting techniques.

The Spectrum Retreat